Hidden Indoors (Feat. Aaron Hardin, George “Spanky” McCurdy, Micah Smith, Thomas Adam Johnson) (2020)

Like most people in the world this year, I spent the majority of my time quarantined. Thankfully, it’s been a kind of cocoon for me. I’ve been discovering new interests, ideas and talents that I otherwise might have been too busy to give a second thought. My goal for right now is to come out of this season better than I was when it all started. So this song is my way of cataloging this very strange and interesting time, making the best of and getting the most out of it.

Really Love (2020)

A song celebrating the journey of love, Really Love is Chris’ ninth release as a leader. It features two distinct versions of a tune he wrote partly inspired by a fire which nearly destroyed the adjacent apartment and the experience of playing on the score of a film by the same title of the album. One version features the vocal stylings of Chris’ wife, Shaylah Stevens and long time friend Eric Roberson. He is accompanied by his father Donald C. Stevens Jr. along with Aaron Hardin (Piano), Ian Macaulay (Guitar), Brett Baker (Drums), and Korey Riker (Flute). The second track is a revisitation of the early draft of the tune which was intended for The Chris Stevens Quartet. Thus, he is joined by Corey Bernhard (Piano), Simon Martinez (Guitar), Nicholas A. Salcido (Bass), and Marlon B. Lewis Jr. (Drums)

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Actual Intelligence (2017)

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